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Vibrating Screen

Design of Screen body :
  • The screen body of "Vibrating Screen" is made with sides ends of steel plate and braces of steel pipes and profiles.
  • It is reinforced where necessary and point specially subject to wear are protected by replaceable wearing parts.
  • At the feed end the screen is usually filled an unperforated section which serve to receive and distribute the feed in.
  • This way the screen elements are protected against damage and unnecessary wear.
Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Mechanism:
  • Vibrating Screens mechanism consists of a shaft journal led in the screen sides in two herical roller bearings and fitted at both ends with off centre weights.
  • The shaft is enclosed by protective steed tube connecting the bearing housings & branching the screen body.
  • The off-center weights consist of a number of plate segments.
  • The throw is easily adjusted by adding or removing segments. Revolution of vibrating screen varies between 950 RPM to 1100 RPM.
Support Compressed coil springs:
  • Vibrating Screens body is carried by compressed coil springs placed at the end of the screen sides. The springs are dimensioned so that only a very small proportion of the vibrations of the screen are transmitted to the base.
  • Vibrating Screens are manufactured in plenty of sizes like 600 x 1500, 900 x 1800, 1200 x 2400, 1200 x 3600, 1500 x 4600, 1500 x 4900, 1800 x 5500, 1800 x 6000, etc. Custom size screen as per your design and requirements can also be made for special purposes.
Vibrating Screen